Deepak Agarwal


One of the driving forces behind Moustache Escapes. With more than over 15 years of International work experience in consulting, advisory and accounting services with multinational giants like Deloitte, NCR Corporation and Frigoglass, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He has travelled extensively throughout the globe (more than 35 countries) and is responsible for operations and business development at Moustache since 2016. He is a true mastermind and down-to-earth person.

Ruchi Gupta


A Chartered Accountant & CFA with over 19 years of corporate experience with Tata Consulting Services, she has led the Reservations & Operations at Moustache since 2017. She is one of the driving forces behind Moustache Escapes. Her perfectionist nature ensures she leaves no stone unturned in providing guests with a warm experience and being the perfect host.
Her sweet and simple attitude hides a powerhouse of efficiency and hospitality. With Ruchi in charge, you can relax knowing your stay is in the best hands.

Shraddha Khandelwal


She holds an MBA in HR and has worked with International organisations like Honeywell & Randstad, and has over 15 years of experience. She led the operations at Moustache Jaipur when she joined in 2016. She currently manages team building and Marketing at Moustache. She is also one of the driving forces behind Moustache Escapes. Hospitality comes to her naturally and her friendly nature and love for everyone is the cherry on top. No matter where she is, she takes care of the guests, staff and everyone at the hostel and makes everyone feel at ease.  A true traveller, dreamer, entrepreneur, and loving mom, Shraddha embodies the spirit of being "Imperfectly Perfect." 

Abhishek Khandelwal


One of the driving forces behind Moustache Escapes. With more than 23 years of International work experience in the financial services industry in Canada, the US and Oman working with multinationals like KPMG, Moore Stephens, Cedar Fair Entertainment, and Ruchi Soya Industries. He has been responsible for finance, marketing, interior designing and business development at Moustache since 2016. Abhishek's expertise and innovative spirit make him a true maestro in the travel industry, ensuring every journey with Moustache is an unforgettable adventure.

Varun Singh

Vice President- Operations

With an MBA and 15 years of diverse experience with UNICEF India, Reebok, Lyxel, and others, Varun champions the 3D's: Desire, Dedication, and Determination. His knack for perfection and flair for connecting with people set him apart. Varun joined Moustache Escapes in 2022 as AVP of Operations and is now leading operations as VP. Whether organizing grand adventures or inspiring his team, Varun's passion and particularity ensure every experience is unforgettable. He always tries to make a difference wherever he goes.

Aditya Singh Ranawat

Assistant Vice President- Marketing

An engineer at heart who believes in logic and facts. With over 5 years of experience, Aditya's journey includes impactful roles at Extramarks, OYO, Moonstruck, Burger Farm and others. Aditya joined Moustache Escapes in 2024. He believes that actions should speak louder than words. His ethos? Honesty, loyalty, and the art of smart work. Beyond the boardroom, you'll find him indulging in his passions for travel, music, football, and auto gadgets.  

Shailesh Mehra

Revenue Manager

An IHM Jodhpur alumnus, known for his enthusiasm and unmatchable energy. With 19 years of experience at prestigious hotels like Royal Plaza, The Metropolitan, Ananta Hotels & Resorts, and more Shailesh's expertise is unbeatable. He joined Moustache Escapes as revenue manager in 2024. Shailesh thrives under pressure, ensuring his team and loved ones never miss a beat. He brings a unique story to every conversation. A true industry veteran, Shailesh Mehra is not just a manager but a storyteller and a motivator who elevates everyone around him.

Vinay Pratap Singh

Cluster F&B Manager

With an MBA in Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant Management and over 7 years of experience at prestigious establishments like Roseate Hotels & Resorts, The Greenbrier, and others, Vinay is a seasoned pro. He has been working with Moustache Escapes since 2023. His top priority is customer satisfaction through impeccable quality and efficiency. Passionate about breaking barriers and making connections, he brings a touch of flair to everything he does. Plus, he's a certified mixology and wine aficionado, making every dining experience unforgettable. Vinay’s mission is simple: delight every guest, every time.

Kavish Rathore

Vice President- Operations

A seasoned traveller, trekker, and mountain enthusiast who transforms journeys into unforgettable adventures. With a camera in hand and a passion for the outdoors, Kavish crafts unique experiences for fellow travel lovers. Joined Moustache Escapes in 2020, he brought over 15 years of expertise in operations management from his stretch at HCL, Thrillophilia, and more.  Kavish joined as Head of Operations and is now leading operations as VP. Whether he's navigating steep trails or capturing the perfect sunset, Kavish’s love for exploration and storytelling shines through, inspiring others to embrace the world as it is.