About Moustache Escapes

Moustache Escapes is all set to curating genuine “escapes” and experiences for every traveler looking for more than just a typical vacation. The Moustache vibe is apt for solo travellers, groups of friends, families, and lovers who love their own spaces but love to socialize alike. Our commitment to exceptional hospitality and service is unquestionable - Personalized, sought-after and experience-driven. Moustache Escapes is for anyone who loves backpacking, exploring nature, stargazing, slow & experiential traveling, experiencing local art forms or living their lives with a zing, there is something in store for every traveler at all the destinations we are present in.

Moustache breaks away from conventional stays by providing a range of backpacker hostels, Boutique Hotels, Private Resorts,  Homestays, and Moustache Luxuria stays stretched across the landscape of India. Moustache curves away from monotonous accommodation, enabling you to enjoy a happening stay with like-minded travellers. Our stay options pan India cater to various tastes and preferences, ensuring a unique experience for every traveler. With Moustache, every curve of your journey leads to a new and exciting adventure. Unlock the opportunity to connect with like-minded travelers and enjoy an unforgettable stay that goes beyond the ordinary. 

So why settle for less when you can get the extraordinary? Book your stay with us and let the adventure of a lifetime begin!


Our culture is the amalgamation of uniquely curated events and a carefully crafted ecosystem

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Customized Hospitality & Crafting Your Perfect Stay:
Moustache Franchises are holistic, with architectural designs that remain true to the culture and heritage of each destination, crafting exclusive and sought-after experiences. We place our guests at the heart of everything that we do and foster hospitality in a way that caters to them seamlessly and instantly from the everyday, into an experiential escape from the mayhem of life.

For Backpackers, Families, Friends, Couples who love their space & Luxury Slow Travellers -
From penny-pinching adventures to living it up in luxury, Moustache has something for everyone! Whether you're a solo backpacker exploring on a shoestring budget or you're someone craving the lavish experience of a presidential suite and a warm jacuzzi, we've got you covered. Our range of hostels & boutique home categories include Moustache hostels, Moustache Homes, and Moustache Luxuria properties. Our hostels are lively backpacking stays with a culturally bonding social experience meant for travellers (solo travellers, small groups, and couples). On the other hand, Moustache Homestays are special properties that welcome one and all to experience nature and regional surroundings. Finally, we have Moustache Luxuria for a luxurious escape with a unique stay experience. Our Moustache Luxuria Franchisees are designed to pamper you with exceptional locations and sought-after services round the clock.

Curating One-of-a-kind Experiences
We put the grand in grandeur by offering inspiring and interactive activities like Live events, city tours, stargazing, movie nights, match screenings, camping, karaoke, music shows, food walks - the list goes on and on. At every Moustache property, one will find a unique list of experiences that they can join us for. From nature trails that lead to hidden waterfalls, cafe crawls, birdwatching, discovering the undiscovered, stargazing, and learning local art forms, there is something in store for every traveler, wanderer, peace seeker, adventurer, at all the destinations we are present in.

Explore the Finest of India
Moustache Escapes is located in 22 exemplary locations to provide you with the most pleasing experience of any destination. From the snow capped mountains of Himachal to Sounds of Nature & Wild in Bhimtal to Coimbatore backpacking experience in the South, we believe in exploring and making a home out of unconventional, unknown, and must-visit remarkable destinations. Moustache currently embraces a total of 22 Boutique Hotels, Private Resorts, Homestays, and Moustache Luxuria stays.

Our Journey

Moustache in itself is a thought, a feeling and an experience. With travelers from round the globe, we are proudly one of the most caught on chain of hostels across the country.


1st Backpacker Hostel in Delhi


1st Flagship Hostel in Jaipur


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Opened hostels across 10 more Locations


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10+ hostels, 5+ Boutique Homes & Experiential Resorts, 9+ states, 80k+ IG fam & 100+ strong team

Moustache breaks away from conventional stays by providing a range of backpacker hostels, Boutique Hotels, Private Resorts, Homestays, and Moustache Luxuria stays stretched across the landscape of India.

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