Scuba Diving in Goa Combo

duration Duration 8 Hours
Pickup Pickup Point North Goa
age Minimum Age 10+
Camp Recommended for Adventure Enthusiasts
Camp Tour type Group

Bringing you a unique Scuba Diving in Goa Combo

Make your holiday more than enjoying the pristine, try out Moustache’s new Scuba Diving in Goa at Grand Island. When you think about Goa, it's all about the pristine beaches, backwaters and sunny weather. Why not explore a different side of Goa this holiday season with Moustache?

The scuba diving cost in Goa offered by Moustache is a perfect excuse to go on a daring adventure. The water sports usually reserved by a few are now an activity enjoyed by all kinds of tourists.

So are you prepared to scour the finest scuba diving places in Goa? If so, bring on friends and family for the most epic underwater adventure ever. And don’t worry about safety, with a top-notch diving instructors team, we provide you with full peace of mind. Just in case you are wondering, the minimum age for scuba diving in Goa is 10 years. So you can engage in the interactive experience with your relatives and friends.

What are the most promising water sports and scuba diving in Goa?

Goa hosts numerous water sports and adventure activities like water rides in Goa, fishing, cruise riding, parasailing, snorkeling etc. But, the thrill of scuba diving is unmatched because of its unique environment, i.e. underwater in the open seas. Scuba diving is done near a coral reef full of unique aquatic and marine biodiversity. You get to feel weightless and witness the colorful marvels of aquatic life.

The Goa water sports package by Moustache offers all under one hassle-free tour with perks and complimentary services included. Though scuba diving and water sports in Goa are one of the most sought-after adventure activities on the high seas. So hurry up and get your SCUBA suits on, and dive deep into the world of wonders. Moreover, the adequate time to see Goa for adventure sports is upon us. Post-monsoon months from November to early March offer a pleasant climate to make the most out of your Scuba Diving in Goa.

Where does Scuba Diving in Goa take place?

The famous Grande Island off the coast of mainland Goa is the ideal destination for underwater sports. The coast of Goa hosts a variety of marine life in the most crystal clear waters. That makes for a hotspot for diving activities.

Moreover, there are many spots in Goa suitable for diving. Each with its views and attractions. Suzy’s Wreck diving point is located around a sunken British Navy vessel from the colonial era. Davy Jones's locker is another spot for diving around a sunken ship. However, due to strong draughts, only professional experts are permitted to plunge here. Last but not least scuba diving in Grande island Goa, is a perfect scuba divingin Goa for non-swimmers. Where you will be brought for your scuba and other thrill filled activities.

What are the activities included in the Scuba Diving in Goa Combo?

The scuba diving cost in Goa includes almost all water sports activities in Goa in one package. After scuba diving in Grand Island, take a boat ride back to the lit Baga Beach. After enjoying a scrumptious lunch at a beach restaurant, and taking a relaxing stroll on the beach. You will be ferried to the popular Calangute coast.

Tailoring the perfect package to get the full experience of a Goa trip. Our package includes water sports like Parasailing, Speed boat riding, Jet Ski ride, and Banana boat rides. No need to hassle over-bookings and waiting in lines. Our Combo Scuba diving in Goa package includes all the water sports in Goa at the best prices available. Feel excited yet? Wait till you get to know about the sports you’ll be participating in:

Parasailing in Goa: - If you talk about an uplifting experience, there is nothing like parasailing water sports in Goa. An uplifting experience as in you will be flying high above the blue seas. Parasailing in Goa Calangute Beach takes you on a thrilling ride from the beach to the skies and back to land. Sounds exciting right? Wait till you jump on your next adventure.

Jet Ski ride in Goa: - If your motorcycle was designed to run on the open ocean, riding a jet ski is an exciting experience! Yes, your need for speed will be satisfied after this thrilling ride through the waters of Goa.

Bumper ride in Goa: - Want to experience something together as a group? Jump on the Bumper ride in Goa, where you lie down or sit on a floating seat attached to a high-speed boat. The ride is thrilling but more comedy, especially when done with your group. It's unimaginable to explain how much fun it is and makes for a lifetime of bonding recollections.

Banana Boat & Speed Boat ride in Goa: - The banana boat ride is the latest water sport on Calangute Beach. There are hardly any comments to explain the ride. All we can present is that just hold tight and enjoy the ride. Later on, fly across the sea on a high-speed boat ride on the beachfront.

Partaking in the adventure with the peace of mind, without safety experts and experienced instructors. Now, get your swimming suits on and dive deep into the world of adventure in Goa.

Itinerary for the Scuba Diving in Goa Combo

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

Pick/Drop Point: Calangute, Baga, Candolim, Anjuna, Panjim and Arpora

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Soft Drinks

  • Report for your scuba diving in Goa at 8:30 AM for an early start. Complete the formalities and begin your adventure at the pick-up jetty point.
  • Enjoy the 30-40 min scenic boat ride to Grande Island for your SCUBA dive.
  • After safety instructions and briefing wear your SCUBA suit and get the final check from your guide.
  • Dive deep into reefs around Grande Island. Spend some time underwater enjoying the aquatic life of the Arabian sea.
  • Come back up for a photograph and breakfast on the boat. Later on, on your ride back to Baga Beach, enjoy the complimentary beers.
  • After a contemplative ride back to Baga beach, share your underwater video. It’s time to sit down and relax over delicious delicacies at Baga beach. Your lunch will be paired with wine and starters, post which you can take a leisurely stroll on the beach.
  • As you chill and take in the thrilling experience you just had on Baga beach. We now transfer you to the famous Calangute beach for other water sports activities.
  • Amazing and thrilling rides like Speed boat, Banana boat ride, Jet ski and Parasailing await you ahead.
  • After enjoying one round on each ride, it's time to say goodbye and conclude your Scuba Diving in Goa combo on a high note.
  • Moustache thanks you for considering our services and we look ahead to keep serving you.

How to Reach Scuba Diving Base Camp

Air: Book a flight to Goa airport and take a shared cab to the requested spot and report to our ground team.

Rail: Book a train to Madgaon railway station and take a shared cab or to the requested spot and report to our ground team.

 Take any regular busses commuting from Pune and Bengaluru to Goa, plan your stay of the day. Next day report at the advised pickup spot.

Articles to Get on the ride to Grande Island activities
  • Flip flops and swimming dress
  • Medicines and other prescriptions
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Cameras and Mobile phones (at your own risk)
  • Towel and a change of clothes
  • Snacks or food items at your own discretion

Inclusions for the Scuba Diving in Goa Package

Adventure activities: -

  • Parasailing
  • Jet Ski ride
  • Banana boat ride
  • Bumper Ride
  • SCUBA diving
  • Boat ride to and from Grande Island
  • Instructor Fees & safety checks
  • Two complimentary beers
  • Packed breakfast on the boat ride from SCUBA diving
  • Equipment and safety harness
  • Snacks and buffet lunch at Baga beach
  • One round of all adventure activities on Calangute beach
  • Pick up and drop off
Exclusions for the Scuba Diving in Goa Combo
  • In case of any natural event like extreme weather, tidal waves etc. , there will NOT be any refund.
  • If any activity remains incomplete due to extreme events, government policies and lack of safety. No changes shall be refunded and no activity will be rescheduled.
  • Anything not mentioned in Inclusions.

Cancellation Policies for the Boat Party in Goa
  • No cancellation fees within 26 days before cancellation.
  • 25% cancellation fee for 8-25 days before cancellation.
  • No restitution for cancellations after 7 days before the booking date.
  • Rescheduling of activity can be made by guests before 8-25 days of the booking date.
  • No rescheduling of activity within 7 days preceding the booking date.
  • Rescheduling can only be accomplished one time.
  • Rebates shall be processed in 7-10 enterprise days.

FAQs for the Scuba Diving in Goa Combo

Scuba diving in Goa: which beach is the most suitable?

The Grande Island off the coast of Vasco Da Gama township on the mainland is the most suitable diving spot for beginners.

What is the lowest age for diving with scuba?

The lowest age required is 10 years.

Where can I aqua jump in Goa?

One can easily choice among one of many travel agencies to book scuba diving in Goa. All you got to do is find one authentic travel agency and book it from them. There are many options like Suzy’s wreck and Davy Locker’s point for advanced divers too.

Can non-swimmers do diving?

Yes, any human with proper fitness can participate in water sports. Non-swimmers can also dive under proper instructors.

Is scuba diving in Goa good?

Goa has been a popular destination for scuba divers around the world. The transparent waters and abundant sea life make it a hotspot for divers and researchers too.

Any idea about the best time to visit Goa for water sports?

Those who all are looking for the best time to visit Goa for adventure water sports, can book their trip between the months of October till May. It is during then, when the skies are cloudless and blue, whereas the waters are truly serene.

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