Adventure Party Boat Ride In Goa

duration Duration 4 Hours
visit Best time to visit Nov - Mar
Camp Thrill Level Extreme
Camp Recommended for Party Lovers
Camp Tour type Group

Boat Party in Goa- Cruise around the White Beaches

For once, every Indian thinks of Goa Holidays and a cinematic Boat Party in Goa. Which is why, Moustache brings you a treat yourself with an adventure boat party Goa.

India boasts one of the most gorgeous and most extended coastlines in the globe. There are many epic travel destinations located on this long coastline. But, none could come close to comparing the vogue of the Union territory of Goa. Dubbed the party capital of India, Goa holds a charm like no other coastal town in India. The former Portuguese territory is home to the most laidback lifestyles you’ll ever see. The unique blend of open seas, laidback lifestyle and tourist hub means the epic party scene in India.

Welcome to the party capital of India, the bohemian state of Goa. Renowned for its fantastic nightlife, Goa is a party terminus for domestic and global travellers. One such is Boat Party Goa tour, as for all the excitement and parties lie the popular beach shacks of Goa. Though one should experience partying at the shacks of Goa. No one should miss out on the absolute banger Goa Boat Party.

Zero Hassle, Only Fun = The Best Adventure Boat Party Booking in Goa

Any former or current college student will tell you their plan to go to Goa. And at the exact time prank about how that dream never came to life. The popularity and relatable jokes about Goa's plans justify it all. Such is the charm of Goa, like a cold breeze on a hot sultry day. A destination with pristine beaches, lively cafes and restaurants, and electric parties that make every traveler’s heart tick.

Live the Spirit of Goa Boat Party

This holiday, skip the same old and taste the spirit of Goa boat party. Get ready to make some awesome memories with exciting boat activities by Moustache. Sign up for the Special Boat Party in Goa. It’s one grand celebration that starts with boating in Goa, and highlights some major water sports activities in Goa. Each of them are specifically designed for all partygoers. The Spirit Baot Party in Goa is unlimited fun mixed with a sea adventure, living the Goa beach life at the fullest. So, on your next sea-cation, head out to the open seas.

Dive-IN for Boat Cruise Party in Goa

Adding a cherry to the cake, Moustache’s boat cruise party in Goa comes with the snorkeling adventure. Strap in your flippers and dive right in for underwater action. You might not find mermaids but surely get a glimpse of her exotic world. From crustaceans to friends with fins, party boat cruise Goa will not limit you above the sea. But, even let you have fun under the sea. Say ‘cheese’ to everyone as you pose for underwater photography(on your own). Enjoy partying, posing, posting it all and treasuring it forever in your memories. All and more with a Cruise Boat Party in Goa.

Customize to Goa Night Boat Party

While the sun gives you tan lines, the moon gives you a memorable party night. Goa night boat party has its own perks. Best experienced during New Year’s Eve, it’s something why visitors from all over the nation flock to Goa. By the way, you must keep one thing in mind. During the season, one must book a night boat party in Goa in advance to avoid the rush hour.

Looking for a Goa new year boat party? Read Below

One can hardly ignore the urge to be at Goa for New and specially celebrating Goa new year boat party. Well, now you don’t have to. All you have to do is make certain arrangements early and get your bookings right away. Since, when the Goa season comes, it’s not just you heading to the sea. Book your New Year Boat Party in Goa at the earliest and skip the scenario of long waits and the sign board of Fully Booked!

This new year, pop off the champagne and start fresh on a super high note. Sign up for the New Year Boat Party in Goa.

It’s PRIVATE Boat Party in Goa

At times partying is intruded by a noisy neighbor/stranger, who’ll ask you to lower the bass. Well, no this time. As the private boat party in Goa happens in the middle of the sea. Far far away from the bustling beaches and those nosy strangers. Perfect. Isn’t it? Loaded with every amenity the boat cruise party in Goa is for maximum comfort on open seas. Party boat cruise Goa is designed for patrons looking to elevate the party scene to a whole new level.

Done Partying? Try Fishing on boat in Goa

Haven’t we all dreamed of catching a fish with our own hand out on the open seas? Well, with Fishing on boat in Goa, you can now make your biggest catch. Hop on for the best adventure boat party in Goa, while enjoying Goa fishing boat adventure. Sip on your drinks, cherishing a gala time with your friends. The best part is, you’re far away from the land. It can only mean one thing. Having an Unlimited BLAST at Goa adventure party boat trip.

Join us for grand time and be the exception on the rule!

Itinerary for the Adventure Party Boat Ride In Goa

Start Time: 2 PM to 6 PM

  • Report for your Goa Party Boat ride in the afternoon at 1:30 PM. After completing some formalities, the trip begins at 2 PM on the Jetty Dock point.
  • From here onwards, the fun begins with a boat ride to the open seas. Anchor down at your party destination.
  • Fun begins with activities like snorkeling, fishing and diving. You will be served lunch and drinks later on.
  • Go out for a swim under the safe eyes of experts. You can also enjoy the two complementary beers while soaking up the sun on the open seas.
  • Witness the coral reefs and marine life beneath and end the day with a sunset on the open seas.
  • Later on while heading back to the drop off point. Witness the last sunlight hitting the golden waters.
  • Your Adventure boat ride in Goa concludes here.
  • Upon contacting Moustache Escapes, your adventure party boat ride In Goa can be upgraded with Kayaking, fishing and bird watching in Goa package. Contact us today to know more about speed boat ride, banana boat ride in Goa, and other Goa water sports activities.

How to Reach Boat Party Base Camp in Goa

Air: Take a flight to Goa airport (You have frequent direct and connecting flights from most of the metropolitan cities). You can either book your accommodation with us at Moustache Goa or where ever you wish to. After freshening up, report at one of the requested spot.

Rail: Reserve a seat at one of the trains to Madgaon Railway station, Goa (You have very frequent trains available from most of the cities in India). You can either book your accommodation with us at Moustache Goa or where ever you wish to. After freshening up, report at one of the requested spot.

Bus: Reserve a seat at one of the buses to the bus station, Goa (You have very frequent sleeper and non-sleeper buses available from Pune, Bombay, and Bangaluru). You can either book your accommodation with us at Moustache Goa or where ever you wish to. After freshening up, report at one of the requested spot.

Articles to Get on the Boat Party in Goa

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Flip flops and swimming dress
  • Medicines, as prescribed by your doctor
  • Sunscreen lotion and Sunglasses
  • Carry Cameras and Smartphones at your own risk
  • Towel and change of clothes

Inclusions for the Goa Boat Party
  • Adventure activities included with our water rides in Goa:
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Instructor Fees
  • Snacks and Veg & Non Veg buffet
  • Soft drinks are included in the motor boat ride
  • Two complimentary beers
  • Music
  • Pick off and drop off
Exclusions for the Boat Party in Goa
  • Any refund due to any natural event like extreme weather, tidal waves etc.
  • If any activity remains incomplete due to extreme events, government policies and lack of safety. No changes shall be refunded and no activity will be rescheduled.
  • Anything not mentioned in Inclusions.

Boat Party in Goa Package Cancellation Policies

1. If cancellations are made 26 days prior to the start date of your trek/tour/activity, no cancellation fee will be charged.

2. If cancellations are made between 8-25 days prior to the start date of your trek/tour/activity, 25% of the total package amount will be charged as cancellation fee.

3. If cancellations and rescheduling are made within 7 days from the start date of your trek/tour/activity, 100% of the total booking amount will be charged as a cancellation fee.

4. Guest can reschedule the tour/trek/activity between 8-25 days prior to the start date of your trek/tour/activity (Depending on the availability), after this period no rescheduling can be done and no amount can be refunded.   

5. Rescheduling of the tour/trek/activity is applicable only once, after that if you want to cancel or reschedule the trek/tour/activity again, it will not be possible and no refund will be processed. 

6. If you book the tour/trek/activity by making a partial payment of the total booking amount and fail to make the 100% payment before 26 days from the date of travel. In this case, your booking will get canceled automatically and can only be reconfirmed once you make the full payment, depending on the availability of slots.

7. In case if your tour/trek/activity remains incomplete or uninitiated because of "force majeure", medical emergency, government policy changes, local strikes, or by personal choice after you arrive at the starting point, you will not be able to get a refund, reschedule or replace any services that remain underutilized by you.

8. In case if your tour/trek/activity gets cancelled because of "force majeure", medical emergency, government policy changes, local strikes between 0-7 days from your date of travel, you will be eligible to reschedule the date of your trek/tour/activity or you can get a credit note of the amount paid, however no cash refund will be possible in this case.

9. Cancellations are strictly subjected to cancellation policies mentioned on the website & are irrespective of the date of booking.

10. The applicable refund amount will be processed within 10 business days.

FAQs for the Boat Party in Goa

What is the boat party in Goa?

The Adventure party boat ride in Goa is a specially designed, adventure trip on the open seas of Goa. Here, you will have all the music, food, drinks and adventure combined into one lifetime of a boat cruise in Goa.

Is snorkeling in Goa safe?

Yes, the party ride in the boat comes with safety guides to check on safety measures. So you can relish your activities with a nonchalant mindset.

Do we have to carry out our own food on the boat ride trip in Goa?

You will have an appetizing lunch and complimentary drinks on the boat. It’s all included in our boat ride in Goa package. Nonetheless, you can bring your own food items aboard the ship.

Can you reserve a party boat voyage in Goa?

Contact Moustache Escapes to book a special boat ride experience. Any amenity can be accommodated with a special request. So reach us today to find your immaculate getaway.

Is speed boat ride in Goa included in this package?

No. However, you can check out Scuba Diving in Goa Combo package to experience speed boat ride in Goa along with other water sports activities in Goa such as Jet Ski, Parasailing, Bumper Ride, Banana Ride, and others.

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