Water sports activities in Goa : 2022 is rolling around, can you believe it? If you feel like the last few years have gone by in a haze, we’ve got you covered with some exciting water sports activities that will boost your new year. We’re here to make up for all the fun missing from the past two years will.

1. Jetty boat ride

Jetty boat ride Goa

The beginning of your trip will include a jetty ride. Explore the beauty of the ocean while you’re in the jetty. A jetty is a relatively big boat ready to accommodate a large group of people. Your heart is probably racing right now, thinking of all the excitement coming your way. You’re going to be entering quite an exciting phase of your life, so sit tight. 

Moustache’s Special Tip – Make sure to keep all the safety instructions in mind along with the safety vest fastened comfortably and securely around you. Enjoy the scenery around you and notice how beautiful Goa is. 

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2. Banana boat ride

Banana boat ride Goa

Ever dreamt of getting the funniest picture out of your Goa trip? Imagine sitting on a banana-shaped vessel with your friends and family and exploring the seas on it? The banana boat ride in Goa is a lot of fun as you will be doing this with your companions, which is always a hoot. 

Moustache’s Special Tip – Have fun on this activity, you’re on a banana for god’s sake! 

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3. Parasailing 

Parasailing in goa

Imagine flying over the surface of the baby blue ocean with white outlines of waves crashing on it. You’re tied to a boat with a specially designed canopy tied to your back. It will enable you to fly into the sky and see the amazing view from a top angle. Parasailing in Goa is one of the most enthralling activities one can do so we strongly suggest you try it! 

Moustache’s Special Tip – If you have the jitters before lifting off, don’t worry. After the parasailing adventure, you would want to do it again. 

4. Scuba Diving 

Scuba Diving in goa

Scuba diving has been co-related with meditation many times and we think that’s true. It is a surreal experience to go and explore the world under the water. Swim among the fish and explore various textures of shiny corals and see how life thrives in the realm of blue. If you’re not adept at swimming, don’t worry about it. This dive will be a tandem one, which means that someone will be accompanying you on this ride, so go with an open heart and shed all fears! 

Moustache’s Special Tip – Calm down, a steady heart always aids a successful scuba diving expedition. You have support with you, and you have a trained partner with you who won’t let harm befall you. Relax and focus on the beautiful underwater world! 

5. Dolphin spotting 

Dolphin spotting in goa

Dolphins are known to be one of the friendliest sea creatures. They have a special adoration for human beings and have a special liking towards them. We invite you to spot dolphins on this trip. They leap in and out of the surface of the water and it’s truly majestic o see them enjoying their natural habitat. 

Moustache’s special tip – The dolphins are sure to prop their heads up and say hi to you. If you can’t spot them on the way to the island, don’t get disappointed. You might get the opportunity to see them on the way back!

6. Speed boat 

Speed boat in goa

Have you seen those movies where the protagonist jumps on his speed boat and takes off? Might come across some instances where they even fly off bridges in the thing. Water Sports Combo In Goa is awaiting your arrival! Don’t worry, we won’t make you do all that, but we do have an amazing speed boat riding opportunity for you where you buzz across the sea, swaying over the bumpy sea. Get, set go for a bumper ride in goa!

Moustache’s special tip – Feel like a protagonist yourself! You’re the hero of your life, 

7. Jet skiing 

Jet skiing in goa

How do you expect to experience Goa in its prime if you haven’t decided to do sit on a jet ski and whirl through the blue waves of the ocean? The whole idea behind including jet-skiing in this package is to give you the 360 Goa experience. Cut through the waves of Goa with your jet ski and lose yourself in the moment. Are you excited to go for a Jet Ski Ride in Goa?

Moustache’s Special Tip – You’ll be going on a tandem trip, which means you’ll be accompanied by a trained professional! 

For your convenience, we have added these activities and MORE into our Goa scuba package. And guess what? Lunch is on us! We’re adding a few snacks too just in case you get hungry after your scuba trip. Check out our Goa Scuba Combo to avail all the fun that comes with Goa. We’ve set up this amazing Goa Scuba Combo for you, so come along!