Workation In Rishikesh. Rishikesh has a diverse culture when it comes to adventure sports activities. It has a number of hubs where you can go and learn the art of meditation. A recent trend has spiked in the Rishikesh atmosphere. It’s already established that Rishikesh is a place of great tranquility and peace. The Indian youth on the other hand is on an upward trajectory to perform better and better each their at their work industries. Nevertheless, a hectic schedule always tends to send the young crowd into an excavation to find peaceful areas to work in.

The recent times have sprouted an interest of the youth into the concept of “Workation”. This term represents a mix of the words “work” and “vacation”. With the recent spread of Covid, the opportunity for Work from Home has come knocking on many doors. People rejoiced to work from home until that got super boring. What’s the next step in this remote-work situation? Well, mountains to the rescue! People flee to the mountains time and again to get their work done in peace. Another popular opinion amongst youngsters is often that while at home, their environment gets too demanding of them. To escape the daily chores, they like to go and book a stay where not much is required out of them. A place where the internet is available readily and the evenings are mellow.

Favored Workation Destinations

Rishikesh has sprouted as one of the most favored workation destinations in the past year and there are a number of reasons to back this statement. Not only does Rishikesh workation offer a platter of adventure activities to partake in, but it also advocates a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. Being a holy city, alcohol consumption is prohibited. Since it’s a popular destination for pilgrimages, it only makes sense.

Hence Rishikesh is looked at like it’s a great spot for detoxing. Detox vacations is another concept that is rising in popularity in the post covid world. Staying glued to screens while working from a monotonous desk can get extremely toxic, but imagine going bungee jumping after your work hours. Now that will definitely lift your spirits.

Here are some reasons why a workation in Rishikesh works out really well for our guests.

1. Splendid WiFi connectivity

One thing that’s the holy grail of every workation Rishikesh easpirant is good connectivity and a strong WiFi. Moustache Rishikesh workation setup has an abundance of good wifi. Many guests have arrived at out doorstep looking for a good place to work, and they have all left satisfied.

2. A good view to work infront of

Moustache Rishikesh has never lacked in the department of views. Lush green trees will be your companion as you focus on your work. Notice the change in environment as you begin your work. You’ll feel the stress lift off your shoulders almost instantaneously as you look at the view infront of you. The serenity of it will consume you and you’ll feel like leaping out into the view. Don’t worry, this isn’t just a beautiful desktop background, but it’s reality. You can go out and experience Rishikesh in it’s full glory just as soon as you’re done with work!

3. Have you ever done adventure sports at your place of work? (Advanced)

No matter where you are in Rishikesh, adventure’s only a stone’s throw away. The holy city is jam packed with activities you can get involved in. River rafting on the Ganga is a really popular choice of many visitors. The speed of the raft fills people with thrill. Another great activity to do here is Bungee jumping. Surrender yourself into the arms of nature as you fall from an astonishing height. The experience is sure scary at first but once you’ve taken the step off the ledge, there’s no looking back – only down. If that thought is too scary to you, we have other options.

4. Have you ever done adventure sports at your place of work? (Medium)

How about a reverse bungee? You’ll be lifted from the ground and sprung up into space. Flying fox is another great option. Fly across the sky through great valleys and forests watching the river trickling by below you. The next adventure activity will bring out the kid in you. Ever tried cliff jumping? Race to the edge of a cliff and fly into the air till you hit the calm surface of the water. A very similar sport is the giant swing. Swing back, forth, and into the water.

5. A wide variety of cafes in Rishikesh

Food is never a problem when it comes to workation in Rishikesh since there are a plethora of restaurants available. You can pick your favourite food or go to an ashram and indulge in purely satvik food if you choose to live the detox life. Many cafes and and restaurants will provide you with a good speed wifi and excellent internet. You can work from there as well – we told you Rishikesh was all about the workation culture didn’t we?

6. A Yoga floor on Moustache Rishikesh

A floor is dedicated just to the yoga enthusiasts, but beginners are more than welcome. This place might inspire you to start! Explore the charm that is yoga and meditation in Rishikesh. Hey, if the beetles did it, so can you.

Rishikesh Workation has just risen up and will never go out of fashion. Make your way to Rishikesh now!