You are currently viewing Abhaneri Festival Events – A Lively, Vibrant Cultural Affair of Tales and Tradition

Abhaneri Festival Events – A Lively, Vibrant Cultural Affair of Tales and Tradition

An initiative of the tourism department of Rajasthan, the event of Abhaneri Festival is a zest-filled programme spread over a span of two days in the village Abhaneri of eastern Rajasthan. Located at a mere distance of about a 100 Kms from Moustache Jaipur, Abhaneri l, earlier regarded to as the AbhaNagri, is on the Jaipur-Agra highway and is a particularly great option for a day trip from Rajasthan, especially for abhneri festival. Lying on the golden triangle route, this village is an evidence of rich culture, art and history.

An extraordinary arrangement of Rajasthani folk singing and dancing is what you would expect to make your day special, with Kalbeliya, Ghoomar, Kacchi Ghodi being some of the selective performances to see here, you are up for a wonderful expedition. Also explore about Chand Baori Abhaneri.

What all to do?

Sit back and spectacle

In Abhaneri festival Rajasthan, the states’s rich cultural performances, dance forms and vibrantly dressed up locals playing their part into various plays is a treat to the eyes and is surely one thing you should enjoy while on an exploration.

Ride around in a cart

The rustic experience of the village can only be felt when you actually go around the village in a camel cart, decorated beautifully in neon fabrics, mirrors and traditional ornaments.

Pray in peace

The harshat mata is the goddess, these villagers of Abhaneri look up to as their idol and it is their belief that she brings harmony and fortune for them, try to experience the feels of the village, by praying like they do.

Get the experience of a rustic village Safari

There is not much to procrastinate here.

Ride across Rajasthan

It goes without saying that driving across the wilderness of the countryside on a calm winter morning is quite a brilliant experience, thus must not be missed.

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