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5 Cities in India where Holi is more than a Festival – Best Holi Celebration in India

It is not fun until it’s authentic. Though we just made this up, but this, is something that most of us believe in and you can always imagine it to be a bang when it’s about celebrating an Indian festival, the way locals do- raw and authentic. That’s why we present to you a compilation of 5 best cities in the country where the festival of colors is much big a deal, bigger than you would ever imagine. Here we will explore about the Best Holi Celebration in India.


You might want us to go slow, but woah, how could we? Placing it right here in the beginning means its majestic, crazy and wholesome. Right, but more. Pushkar Holi Festival is buzzed with super-positive vibes, the city literally becomes an organism during the celebrations and guess what there is music (crazy crazy tunes), booze, colors, dancing on the streets and everything that the spectrum covers. An attempt to put this plain – pushkar holi fest, this is the place to be when trying to celebrate the festival of colors. So for Best Holi Celebration in India, This place is one of the good option.


This circuit in the state of Uttar Pradesh is blessed up. You want to know why? Because that’s where Holi takes its roots from. The villages of Vrindavan and Mathura are dedicated to Krishna and you would fall in love head over heel with the myriad of celebrations that occur in the village of Krishna beginning at least a month in advance. From playing with colors, to flowers, wooden sticks, to essence and even mud, there is one that stands out breaking all monotonies, the widow holi in vrindavan mathura celebration. Wherein ladies smear color in their plain lives and try to create a touch of togetherness in the process of doing this, commendable, ain’t it?

The widows of the town celebrating Holi in Mathura Vrindavan. So for Best Holi Celebration in India, this place is also one of the good option.


Hey, did you not know that if your spirit is that of a party animal, a biospace like Goa is going to be a bang-on haven? Well, it’s not hard to ascertain that the craziest Holi parties that occur are at the beach, the state of Goa, though doesn’t quite follow extreme Northern customs, but why would anyone leave the chance to goa holi party and especially when it is a party filled with bombs- of colors. Comeon, that was just so basic. So for Best Holi Celebration in India, this place is also one of the good option.

The beach in all its color glory failing all theories. So Let’s ready for this fabulous goa holi festival.


The Rajasthani capital is a great admirer of colors. With its crimsons and saffrons, when Holi is here, the generous town pumps up its royal energies and gets on the streets smearing everyone that dares to come in the way. Whether you like it or not, if you are spotted by a pink handed human, there is hardly any space you can use to escape. How great it is to celebrate this holi fest jaipur in a city of colorful history and architecture, only the photogenic soul within you can tell. Besides, the big Krishna temple in the heart of the city, The Govind Dev Ji celebrates the festival in its own style, with flowers, essence and never ending spiritual sessions of singing and dancing in the premises, clean and crazy, great fun it is.

And then comes the jaipur holi party, #Holified organized by Moustache group of Hostels is an event that provides fellow travelers the opportunity to celebrate the color jaipur holi festival in a safe, authentic and crazily fun manner, there is no possible reason to miss that.

Glimpses from #Holified 2018, it was a crazy fun event.


Our capital city owes it all to its light hearted, heavy spirited people who literally never leave the opportunity to make the day a celebration. Holi in Delhi is traditional, authentic and how-it-ideally-is in the rest of the country. But what’s great? It’s technically the most easy to get to celebrate the delhi holi festival authentically.
Celebrations in the capital city of Delhi. So Let’s ready yourself for the grand delhi holi party for make it the best and memorable delhi holi celebration.