Moustache Woods Of Kausani


A Dreamy Mountain Escape with this Stay in Kausani

Stay In Kausani - The Woods of Kausani Hills in the Kausani hill station, Uttarakhand is the most peaceful place you can find. Located a little far from the main market. It is a perfect getaway with family or friends. Where the Moustache Woods of Kausani is situated at the Kausani hill station in the middle of charming pine forests. The campsite holds four beautiful swiss tents with attached washrooms and a bed, along with a comfortable cottage to give you luxury between utter peace. With the view of Himalayan ranges, colorful sunrise and, sunset; the location eases everyone, no matter if you are a 70- year-old nature enthusiast or a young child.

A trip to Digital Detox

The Moustache Kausani, Uttarakhand is secluded from all the crowd, with a view so rich that you’ll forget about scrolling your phone and start strolling the landscape. The stay is surrounded by the pine tree forest, generating the purest form of oxygen which will fill your lungs with freshness. And, if you take a look up close, you’ll be glancing peaks like Kedarnath, Nandakot, Panchachuli, etc. Apart from it, you can explore the campsite location offering a nature walk into the nearby forest, a hotbed of several hidden waterfalls, and mysterious short hikes. With the air so fresh and the views so great, we bet you will have your digital detox without any medications.

Explore the Unexplored 

Kausani sightseeing is best from the Moustache stays. As it is the base camp for two of our nearby treks; Jhandi Dhar Top and Daray Top w/ Riverside Camp. Jhandi Dhar Top Trek, which is a day hike with an unexplored and thrilling trail through dense forest, village, views of the Himalayan peaks, and the playful movements of the clouds. Where, the 2days 1night Daray Top w/ Riverside Camping, is the short height trek to the Daray Top giving you the views of Trishul and Nanda Devi peaks with an amazing riverside camping experience. With an experience still uncharted, we are sure you’ll be listing the Kausani trek experience as some of the unique places to visit at Kausani.

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The stay at our campsite is refreshing enough for one’s senses. Still, these are some amazing ‘first-time’ things to do in Kausani, Uttarakhand. So, if you’re planning to take a break from your busy city life or want to discover undiscovered destinations with your friends, add Kausani sightseeing to your bucket list and book your stay at Moustache Kausani Woods. Experience the stillness and find your peace of mind with your stay at Moustache.

What else comes with staying and Kausani hill station, Uttarakhand?

Kausani, Uttarakhand is a surreal and magnificent spectacle that is noted for its pristine beauty and snow-capped mountains, dreamy valleys, and luxuriant pine forests. Mahatma Gandhi dubbed it "India's Switzerland," and it is one of the most beautiful and heavenly hill retreats—splendid and romantic in a nutshell.

Elevate your Kausani campsite stay experience with a range of adventurous activities in Kausani City. Start with rock climbing various small and medium-sized rocky cliffs, or take a mountain biking trip around the quaint town, or you can even opt for rappelling opportunities on one of the waterfalls in the region. However, among all these hilltop adventure sports, rock climbing is the most popular off-site activity, popular with both young people and business groups. So better not lose out on this opportunity.

Plan a Koushani tour, tasting the thrill of its adventure sports, scenic sightseeing, and peaceful time relaxing at the secluded Kausani camps. Exploring the natural charm of this hill station, that'll invite you to revisit over and over again.

Come, experience Kausani, and experience Moustache!

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Cottage equipped with Double Bed, Washrooms, Sitting Area

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How to Get Here

The nearest airport to Kausani is the Pant Nagar Airport. From there, you easily book yourself a private taxi to reach the campsite.

From Kausani bus station, you can take a taxi or a tempo to reach the campsite.

The nearest railway station to the Kausani is the Kathgodam which is 132 km away. You can easily take a private taxi or shared cab to reach our campsite.